What's Your Reba IQ?

By Susan McDonald on March 10, 2018

About This Quiz

"I'm a survivor!" While Reba might've been a survivor in her TV show, can you survive this quiz? Reba McEntire is one of the biggest names in country music. From her singing career to her acting career, what's your Reba IQ?

Reba McEntire was born in the midwest in the mid-1950s. She would participate in singing and music activities her entire life before she would gain the attention of a record label. At age 20, she was signed to her first major label and her career took off.

The singer has a long resume in music and in film. Since 1977, Reba McEntire has released over 30 albums. These albums include hits like "Does He Love You," "The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia," and "Fancy." The singer would also appear in a series of shows before nailing her own sitcom, "Reba," that lasted from 2001 to 2007. 

In her impressive career, Reba McEntire has won over 80 awards which include three Grammy Awards, three Billboard Music Awards, and seven CMA awards. With her decorated life and catalog of works, what's your Reba IQ?

Can you remember which midwest state she hails from? What college was she attending when she first got discovered? What's the name of her first album? If you can answer these questions, you're ready for this quiz! 

Can you follow Reba's country tune with these questions? Let's find out if you're a survivor like her. Let's go!

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