What's Your Pit Crew IQ?

By Deane Kimerer on March 08, 2018

About This Quiz

NASCAR may seem like a solitary sport, with lone wolf drivers riding solo lap after lap, but behind every great racer going 200 mph is an entire support crew. Likewise Formula One is a team sport, where the driver depends on such a group. Known as the pit crew, this group of professionals operates under a carefully choreographed chaos, speeding through basic maintenance tasks and sending the driver back out to find the finish line.

In a single pit stop, the crew might have to change all four tires, fill the gas tank, clean the grill and windshield and make any necessary adjustments to the vehicle -- all in around 12 seconds! A split-second mistake or hesitation can not only cost the driver precious seconds, but may also leave him more vulnerable to safety issues or crashes. Even more impressive, the pit crew manages all this while donning bulky fireproof suits, helmets and other safety gear.

Do you know the difference between a jack man and a tire changer, or when pit crews can break out the "extra man" without penalty? If you think you know everything about the skilled workers who service the world's fastest cars, take our quiz to test your pit crew IQ!

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