What's Your Parenting Style?

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Parenting styles are as unique as the individual family: no one is a perfect parent, but you eventually find your style. What's your parenting style? Let's find out!

What outdoor activity do you like to do with your kids?

What drink do you like to serve your kids with breakfast?

When you are together the most, what activity are you and your children doing?

Where would you like to take your kids on vacation?

How much are you like your mother?

What would you kids say about you?

What activity would you encourage your child to try?

What would you like to see your child grow up to be?

How many children do you have?

Which girl's name do you like most?

Which boy's name do you like most?

What pet would you consider adding to your family next?

What chore are you most likely to assign?

What gift are you most likely to buy for your child's next birthday?

How would your friends describe your parenting style?

Which sport is your child most likely to try?

Which college would you like your child to attend?

Do you help your child with their homework?

What will you say when you meet your child's first date?

Which meal are you most likely to serve your family?

Which movie would you choose for family movie night?

How is your relationship with your child's other parent?

Would you like to have more children?

What are you most likely to make you family for breakfast?

How would you describe your oldest child?

What present will you give your child when they graduate from high school?

What would your family do on a night out?

What would you say if you saw your child drinking from the milk carton?

What will your grandchildren call you?

Who is your favorite TV parent?

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