What's your must-have beauty splurge?

By: Amanda M.
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Let’s face it, heading to the spa for the latest treatment can be pricey, especially when you do it on a regular basis. With almost every drugstore developing a more varied beauty and spa selection, you can do almost anything in between visits. Let’s see what would work best with your lifestyle!

When you go to the spa, what treatment are you most likely to get?

Every spa offers a variety of services, including upgrades to a basic package. Which upgrade would you choose to have?

What is one bathroom essential that you can't live without?

After a day out and about, how much time do you want your home treatment to last?

What is your skin type?

Do you have sensitive skin?

Which of these skin maladies are you most likely to get?

How much preparation do you want to do before you start your treatment?

Do you want your product to have multiple uses?

How old were you when you started to receive your beauty treatment of choice?

OPI makes some really amazing nail colors, each polish having a fun name. Which color would you wear?

What is an item you use during one of your at-home treatments?

Why do you want to get this beauty must-have?

If you are pinching pennies, do you want to be able to make your own treatment?

How much time will you spend cleaning up after your treatment?

What is one everyday item that you would put on your face?

What kind of sunscreen do you wear when going out into the summer sun?

When exposed to the sun, what is one of your main skin concerns?

Lush makes some really amazing bath bombs, each with a fun name. Which one would you use?

Do you have fragrance sensitivity?

A lot of cosmetic companies add natural extracts to embellish their products. Which would you choose to use?

Where would you purchase your beauty must-have?

How much variety do you want in your beauty must-have?

When looking for your next beauty find, what draws you to a product the most?

Aveda uses many different natural elements in their body moisturizer lines. Which of them would you most likely use?

How much money do you want to spend on your next beauty purchase?

Would you want your beauty must-have to be kid-friendly?

If you were to open your new beauty must-have and the color did not match what you expected, what would you do?

Everyone makes mistakes. If you were to somehow botch your at-home beauty treatment, what would the error be?

Which beauty must-have are you hoping to get?

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