What's Your General Science IQ?

By Olivia Cantor on March 10, 2018

About This Quiz

Science is one of the most fascinating subjects and yet one of the most misunderstood. It's the study of how our world works: why the sky is blue, why the stars appear to rotate in the sky, how sick people can be made healthy, how planes stay in the air, and a whole host of everyday miracles. Simply having a good sense of how all of this works makes the world a great deal more comfortable. Things that might otherwise seem arbitrary suddenly fall into place, and everything is more orderly and predictable.

Of course, not all of us are blessed with a great scientific instruction in our upbringing -- but all of us can grasp many of the basics simply by being curious and paying attention. So let's see whether you have been doing just that. Do you know the names of all the planets and their orders? Do you know what the force is that keeps water in a spinning bucket? Are you familiar with which areas of study fall into what branch of science, and where and how it might interact with other branches? How about knowing basic terminology in some of these branches? It's time to put your science mind to the test!

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