What's Your Dirty Job?

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Mike Rowe won over the hearts of blue collar workers everywhere by appealing to hard-working, everyday people who get down and dirty at their job sites. Which of America's dirtiest jobs best suits your personality? Play on to find out!

On a scale from 1 to 10 (10 being the grossest), how much gross can you handle?

Which of the following do you find most appealing in a job:

How social are you?

How do you feel about explosions?

Can you operate heavy machinery?

Can you handle being in small spaces?

What's the most important factor in choosing a job?

Would you be willing to trust your coworkers with your life?

Are you a risk taker?

Would you be willing to work a job that offers hazard pay due to potentially dangerous working conditions?

To what extent to you like to work with your hands?

Do you know how to work with building materials?

How do you feel about working with animals?

Can you deal with foul odors?

Would you be able to work around feces?

What are you most squeamish about?

Do you think you could be a produce farmer?

Can you handle heavy lifting?

Are you comfortable working around water?

How patient are you?

What's your favorite thing to do outside work?

What does an ideal work schedule look like for you?

Do you find birds to be particularly interesting?

Which type of work setting is ideal for you?

Can you handle blood?

Is hat hair a deal breaker?

The idea of working 700ft underground makes you feel...

Which of the following makes you happier:

Could you handle sorting through owl vomit pellets that are covered in feces?

What sort of impact do you hope your job has on the world around you?

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