What Year Were These Famous NCAA Players Drafted Into the NBA?

By Robin Tyler on March 27, 2018

About This Quiz

College basketball is the breeding ground for the next NBA hero!

To stand out here, you have to be a super talented basketball player -- one who not only shows form on the court but also produces the overall stats that make you get noticed by NBA scouts. 

And for those players that stand out, the all-important NBA draft is a time of serious nervous tensions. It's a time to see if they are chosen for the big leagues, the most competitive basketball league on the planet - the NBA!

Some college players go on to be among the highest point-scoring players in NBA history. Others claim Olympic gold by playing for the 'Dream Team' while sadly, many fall by the wayside, either through constant injuries or in rare cases, substance abuse problems. 

But rest assured, they will never forget the time that they were a draft pick! That is a moment that will live with them forever!

As a basketball lover, would you be able to identify when these incredible college players, who went onto superstardom in the NBA, were selected as a draft pick? It's a fairly tough ask!

Good luck!

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