What Year Is Your Spirit From?

By Brian Whitney on May 02, 2018

About This Quiz

The spirit is the part of a person where emotions reside, kind of like the soul. Does yours live in the present? Have you ever looked around and wondered if you were born at the right time? Or perhaps you were born in the 60s or the 70s and wish that things were still the same as they were back in the day? All of us have to adapt to the times; we don't have a choice. Whether you like what is going on now or you don't, this is the time that you live in.

But when it comes to your spirit, that is a different thing entirely. Your soul doesn't care what year it is; it just knows what it feels. Maybe your spirit is from the 50s or even earlier. Or is your spirit from the 60's, a time of great social and cultural change and rebellion? 

Or from the freewheeling 70's where people really started to let their freak flags fly? Or maybe you are from the 80's when people started caring a bit less about social change and more about making cash and having fun. Or maybe your spirit resides in the 90s or even sometimes this century. 

No matter what decade your spirit belongs in, you still have to live in the present. But at least if you take this quiz, you can be in tune with your spirit. For a little while anyway.

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