What Would Your Redneck Rifle Be?

By: Zoe Samuel
Image: Andy445 / E+ / Getty Images

About This Quiz

Being a redneck isn't just a label. It's a way of life. It means working outside until your neck gets sunburn. It means a simple life in the countryside, enjoying a simpler life. The simpler life means fishing, trapping, and shooting. So you'll need a gun.

Picking any gun is a deeply personal choice. Buying a Taurus gets you a free paid membership with the NRA, for example. But you're not looking for any old gun, let alone a pistol. You're looking for a rifle. Specifically, the kind of rifle you can toss in the back of your pickup and not look like a city slicker headed to the countryside to play Paul Bunyan for a weekend.

You may be a redneck. You might not be. It's not down to us to decide. What we can do is determine what redneck rifle you should have. To do this, we have devised a series of questions intended to tease out relevant details about your personality, psychology, and lifestyle. Please be honest when you answer these questions. Your honesty means we will be able to say, scientifically, which redneck rifle is right for you. Getting the wrong one could be... embarrassing.

Ready to get red? Take this quiz!

What do you tow with your truck?

What do you currently drive?

When you can't speak a language, and are confronted with needing to do so, what do you do?

Which aesthetic appeals the most?

Do you fancy you'd do well in a gunfight?

What are you shooting?

How much do you like to show off?

Do you like to treat your weaponry like you're a soldier?

Do you mind having to do extra work?

Do you plan on using your rifle for home defense?

How often do you plan on cleaning your rifle?

What do you do with your kills when you hunt?

What are rifles for?

What brand of jeans do you wear?

What must rifles always be pointed at when you aren't shooting them?

When do you treat a rifle as if it isn't loaded?

What kind of hunting knife do you carry?

What folding knife do you carry?

What kind of boots do you wear?

Which pickup is the best pickup?

What's your idea of a great vacation destination?

What beer do you drink?

How many siblings do you have?

What bumper sticker do you have on your truck?

What is on your truck's mud flaps?

What kind of fishing do you do?

When are you going to teach your kids to hunt?

How would you fix a broken axle?

How many guns do you own right now?

What hard liquor do you drink?

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