What Type of Girl Do You Belong With?

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There are so many types of females to choose from, so we will narrow down your choices with this personality feat of the relationship sort. After you've admitted your mild-to-moderate kinky desires, take note of the gal-pal type we'll know is right for you!

To get your juices flowing and your libido stimulated, think about what you find attractive in different types of females. A sassy lady is sweet, motherly and full of vigor. She'll pick up your spirits without even trying, but sometimes she can drive you crazy with blatantly incorrect facts that she spews just to hear the sound of her own voice. 

Then there's the intelligent type of lady, full of supreme sense. Her mind can analyze logic problems better than the best computers on the market. However, her lack of practical wisdom is alienating, and it gets icy cold when you're around her and she goes off tangent. 

But the gloomy girl saves the day with her solid mental bank of worldly info and emo appeal. If it appears as if she's not listening to you, don't worry — she most definitely is. She's just paranoid and conjuring a load of what-if scenarios in her noggin. 

These aforementioned types are just a trickle from the lady pond. Take a dip in this personality test and see what girl you catch!

Your supreme female reads the news daily, right?

How would you express your true feelings for your girl-to-be?

Can you admit one reason why intelligent ladies are top choice?

You already know that she snoops through her neighbor's trash. Is she a keeper?

Do you rock with ladies that "borrow" content online?

"I walk a lonely road." Who said this?

What is a term of endearment for your ideal mate?

You go in for the kiss and she yells: "Ew! Your breath is stinky!" What do you do?

Are you able to spell "intelligence" to find your right girl?

She wants a green shake the first thing in the morning, but you're dying for a breakfast burrito. Do you compromise?

Are you willing to shop for her feminine products?

Can you confess what you love about mean girls?

When you think of nirvana in relation to your best girl, what are your thoughts?

What type of underwear do you prefer to see her in?

Prove that you can hang with a smarty pants. Can you name the three branches of government?

If you ever found out that she purposely loses the games you two play in order to boost your ego, what would you tell her?

Is your girl the type to cook and clean?

Can you find it in your heart to love a mean girl?

Does your type of diva possess an amazing sense of humor?

Are you a good match for a gal math genius? What's the square root of 121?

What song can you sing that will get the girl?

How hard is it to recall a fond memory from your past relationships?

How long will you need to date her before you pop the question?

What part of the world would your girl be from?

After your blind date with a girl, the restaurant closes and it's pouring rain while you wait for your ride outside. Your date bails in her cozy car. Are you stunned, with no umbrella?

While driving, you get lost. She's in the passenger seat playing game apps and refuses to use a navigation app to help you. Is she too mean?

On your first date with a girl, do you expect her to split the bill with you?

As you age, will she love you like it was the first day you met?

The season finale of your favorite TV show is about to reveal a serious plot twist right when she changes the channel and refuses to hand you back the remote. Does this mean splitsville?

You dig the jealous type, right?

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