What Type of Insect are You?

By: Brian Whitney
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

When you first look at an insect, it might be hard to recognize how much like people they are. What insect is most like your personality? Take this quiz to find out!

What do you like to do at night?

How do you tend to impress someone you want to date?

Do you ever borrow money from people and not pay them back?

Who does the most work in your household?

How much of an individual are you?

What would you do if someone tried to mug you at night?

Do you get in fights often?

What is your biggest goal?

How did you do in high school?

Do you feel misunderstood?

How do you get along with your parents?

What do you act like when in public?

How do you act if someone dumps you?

Are you spontaneous?

What would you do if you thought someone was outside your house at night?

What is your attitude towards life?

Who do you most identify with?

What word describes you best?

Do you like being the leader?

You see a pair of hands coming towards you, what do you do?

What is most important to you?

What kind of websites do you go to the most often?

How often do you text your best friend?

How do most people usually react when they see you?

Who would you be on "Seinfeld?"

Would you move across the country for someone you loved?

What kind of bar do you like to go to?

In a past life, what would you have done?

Why did you leave your last job?

What clothing item do you have the most of?

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