What Taco Bell Combo Are You and Your Significant Other?

Zoe Samuel

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We are pretty sure that Shakespeare would have worked Taco Bell into something if it were around in Elizabethan England. Taco Bell is one of those cultural touchstones that has lasted so long because it has powerful branding. Branding is about expressing an idea clearly, appealingly and in a memorable way. Taco Bell's branding, and the branding of its menu items, is so strong that we can look at the menu and see more than foods with calorie counts on par with the national debt; we see ourselves reflected in the sheen of oil on the ground beef and shredded cheese.

Much like how people see themselves and their friends in the personalities of dogs and cats, we see relationships in fast food combo menus. Forget about the dollar menu, as that is a metaphor for the executive functions of politicians. Focus on the combos. We think we can peg you and your significant other to one combo item on the Taco Bell menu. Sure, we could have gone with Chik-fil-A, or In-N-Out Burger, but we have an irrational fear of hyphens.

So are you ready to be reduced to a heap of fried gluten, microwaved vegetables and grilled animal products? Is your loved one? Well, you'd better be! Now, on to the quiz!

Who is in charge of your finances?

What bad habit is your SO's secret?

How would you describe the pressures on your relationship that come from your friends?

Do you and your SO share a common mother tongue?

How long have the two of you been together?

How laid back is your SO?

How similar are you and your partner's tastes?

Which of these best describes how your job differs from your SO's job?

How would your friends describe your relationship when you aren't around?

How does your workplace reputation differ from that of your SO?

How does your sartorial style differ from that of your SO?

What's your morning usually like?

Who remembers dates?

How do you arrange for trips together?

Where do you and your SO spend the holidays?

Do you and your SO think you'll make it official one day?

How would you describe the pressures on your relationship that come from your families?

What are the religious differences between you and your SO?

How often do you and your SO argue?

What do you and your SO usually fight over?

What hobby does your SO have that you just don't understand?

What friends of your SO don't you approve of?

What do you do that your SO hopes you will grow out of?

What item did your SO make you get rid of when you moved in together?

How do you get on with your SO's family?

How do you and your SO's salaries compare?

When someone wants something from the two of you, who they usually approach first?

Who does most of the driving, you or your SO?

How does your SO get on with your family?

What did you ask your SO to change about their lifestyle when you moved in together?

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