What Style of Engagement Ring Fits Your Personality?

Ana Todorovic

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About This Quiz

You probably have a good idea of what you want your engagement ring to look like, but does it fit your personality? Find out by taking this quiz!

Which of the following locations would you want to have your wedding?

What will be the main drink option at your wedding?

What style reception dinner do you want to have?

What style wedding dress do you envision yourself wearing?

How many bridesmaids do you estimate participating​ in your wedding?

What style wedding do you want to throw?

Which of the following options will you spend a large portion of your budget?

How many children do you plan on having with your future husband?

How would you describe your fashion style?

What type of veil do you prefer?

Which one of the following cakes would you love to have at your wedding?

Where do you want to have your bachelorette party?

How many people do you plan on inviting to your wedding?

What season do you envision your ceremony taking place?

What color do you want your dress to be?

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