What Snack Should You Try to Raise Your Blood Sugar with?

By: Bri O.
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About This Quiz

Staying on top of your blood sugar is no easy feat, but making sure you're prepared for the inevitable drop can make a real difference. Take this quiz to find out what type of delicious, blood-sugar-raising snack you should try next!

What kind of flavor do you want from your snack?

What kind of side do you like for breakfast?

Does your diet include dairy products?

What's your favorite nut?

When was the last time you enjoyed a smoothie?

Is it important that your snacks are portable?

Do you like hard candy?

How often do you munch on raw fruits and veggies?

Do you have a favorite type of cheese?

Do you have access to a blender?

The ideal snack should consist of how many different ingredients?

What kind of texture do you want your snack to have?

Which is more important when it comes to the ideal blood-sugar-raising snack?

Do you have access to a toaster?

How many snacks do you eat on any given day?

How do you prefer to eat your snacks?

Of the snacks listed below, which one sounds the most appetizing to you?

How would you describe your diet?

What qualifies as a good snack?

How strong is your sweet tooth?

What's the ideal temperature for a snack?

How much time would you want to spend preparing your snack?

How often do you use natural sweeteners, like honey or agave?

Do you go out of your way to buy organic foods?

Do you like whole grain breads?

How do you feel about plain yogurt?

What time of day do you usually reach for a blood- sugar-raising snack?

Do you like dried fruit?

What color fruit do you like the most?

What is your favorite beverage?

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