What Skateboard Brand Are You?

By Mark Lichtenstein on March 12, 2018

About This Quiz

Just like you, skateboard brands exude their own unique style and personality. And, just like you, each brand identifies with that bit of uniqueness. We can tell you which skateboard brand you most resemble by performing a quick calculation based on your answers to this quiz. First, think of the brand YOU think you most resemble, then take this quiz to find out if we agree. Share the outcome with your friends.

Birdhouse, Adio, Element and Zero are four of the most well-known skateboard brands. And each of these brands has developed a certain swagger based on the image they want to project. Sure, it's a marketing tactic, but who can deny the unique personas of these brands? So, are you a classic, like Birdhouse, a rebel, like Adio, a long timer like Element or a creative soul, like Zero? By answering questions such as "if you fell off your skateboard, what are the chances you would break something," "how much safety equipment do you wear other than on your head" and "do you skate in places that are not really legal to skate," we'll be able to pinpoint which skateboard brand you are.

Ready? Let's find out which brand you most resemble.

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