What size crossover is right for you?

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Crossovers are all the rage right now, and why not? Who wouldn't want a vehicle that handles like a car but has an SUV body? But which size crossover is right for you?

So, do you actually even like crossovers?

Is money a factor in your choice?

How do you like to appear to others?

How much do you like to be noticed? Be honest.

How often do you have to parallel park?

How much space do you really need in your vehicle?

Would you ever want to buy an original Hummer?

How much city driving do you do?

Does spending 75,000 dollars on a crossover sound like a lot?

Is a car just something practical, or is it a statement about who you are?

How much do you care about how your car handles?

What was your last car?

Do you need two rows of seats in the back of your crossover?

What best describes where you live?

How into simplicity are you?

Do you feel comfortable in small spaces?

How many rooms in your home do you rarely use?

What kind of garage do you have?

What is most important to you in a car?

Is this crossover going to be your everyday vehicle?

Is there really a difference between a hatchback and a crossover, other than ground clearance?

Is having good visibility while you drive a big deal to you?

How big a factor is fuel economy to you when buying a car?

How many people other than yourself will you need to transport regularly?

Do you ever think you might need to tow something with your vehicle?

Will your crossover ever be driven by anyone but you?

Have you ever bought something and then realized later that you spent too much?

Do you care about having a luxurious interior?

Do you think people of the opposite sex are attracted by someone's choice of vehicle?

Would you want a minivan?

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