What Should Your Sports Nickname Be?

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Sports: love them or hate them, everyone has had to do them. Whether you're a natural jock, a reedy little nerd, or something in the middle, you have experienced the joys and horrors of picking teams, running around in too-hot or too-cold weather, humiliating or flattering uniforms, and either caring deeply or being profoundly indifferent to the outcome when your team is on the field (or pitch, court, etc).

Fortunately, even if you are built to wrestle a QWERTY keyboard instead of another person, there's a huge variety in the world of sports that means you probably did eventually find one you could love.

We want to know what that sport is, so we can help give you the name to match. Are you a true-born jock, king or queen of the field, who should be leading a team to victory after victory? Are you a sleek and independent runner, always competing with your own personal best? Are you a field sports aficionado, out there to conquer nature and hunt your dinner? 

Perhaps you're an adventurer, and you never saw an iceberg you didn't want to climb or a cave you didn't want to plumb. Tell us, and we'll help you pick out the moniker that suits you best!

Are you a cutie?

When did you hit puberty?

Do people often assume you play basketball?

What pro sport do you follow?

Are you a big personality?

What is your most valuable physical attribute?

Are you an intimidating presence?

How many tools do you have as a player?

Do you often beat expectations?

Are you wiry?

Are you compact?

Are you barrel-shaped?

Are you more aesthetically appealing than you are just a good athlete?

How old were you when you broke into the advanced level of your sport?

How tall are you?

Are you overweight?

How pretty is your smile?

Do you wear glasses?

Do you play a contact sport?

How do you feel about players who take dives?

What obscure sport would you succeed in?

What sport did you try out as a kid, but ultimately give up on?

What amateur team sport do you play regularly?

What sort of baseball play have you ever taken part in?

What position would you play in football?

What position would you play in soccer?

What position would you play in baseball?

What position would you play in hockey?

What position would you play in basketball?

How long do you plan to keep playing sports?

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