What Should Your Significant Other Do With His Facial Hair for Movember?

By Kennita Leon on March 12, 2018

About This Quiz

Movember, usually known as simply November, is the month where men do away with their shaving tools and grow out their facial hair to raise awareness of men's health issues. 

Cutting tends to be a no-no, but it's also alright to get a bit crazy with your man's beard and mustache. The fun part is trying to figure out just what he should do with the hair on his face. 

Will you be told to ask your boo to try the sparrow? You know, the one Captain Jack Sparrow has been rocking it on our screens for years now. Or what about the imperial? It's a lot less uptight than it sounds. Would you allow him to try the horseshoe? He'd get into any motorbike gang with it. Or what about the handlebar? If you like how gentlemen from the 1800s to early 1900s wore their mustaches this may be the one. 

If you wear the pants in the relationship or if you think you can coax your man into doing something funky with his facial hair for Movember, take our quiz. This may be your one and only chance to dictate what that beard and mustache look like so let's not waste it! 

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