What Period of English History Do You Belong In?

By Zoe Samuel on March 26, 2018

About This Quiz

English history is rich and varied, reaching back thousands of years. Within all that history are distinct historical periods, some pleasant and peaceful, others filled with conquest, blood, and fear. England was first settled in the stone age when mysterious pagans built the famous stone circles of the British Isles. 

Later, the pre-Christian English met the Roman legions and occasionally fought with them. By the middle ages, England had a Christian monarch, and by the Renaissance, that monarch had broken with the Catholic Church, forever changing England's relationship with the rest of Europe.

The industrial revolution began in England, with the steam engine, the railroad, and factories. Between English ego and the power of technology, industry and the British Empire spread around the world, ultimately displacing French as the Lingua Franca, and laying the groundwork for America's place in the modern world. 

England has been at war with nearly every nation in the world, and yet it is almost universally respected for its brand of democracy and its culture.

Are you tough enough to survive a Viking raid, or would you rather play the dangerous game of Elizabethan politics? Would you fly high in World War 2, or fight alongside Boudica, trying to push the Romans out of England? What period of English history do you belong in? Let's find out!

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