What Percentage of John Wayne Are You?

By Artimis Charvet on January 31, 2018

About This Quiz

He was one of the first movie stars, and when it comes to the genre of the Western, to this day, he remains the most iconic. From his mannerisms to his catchphrases to his seminal roles, the man nicknamed Duke has planted his flag on the landscape of American cinema from now until the end of time.

Born in Iowa in 1907, John Wayne - nicknamed Duke in honor of his beloved childhood dog, who accompanied him everywhere - came of age at the perfect time to swagger his way into the nascent movie industry. After a variety of smaller roles and changing his birth name to the name by which we all know him, he soon teamed up with director John Ford for his breakout role in "Stagecoach," where he played the outlaw Ringo Kid. Wayne soon became a household name playing cowboys and soldiers alike, and eventually clinched the Academy Award for his role in "True Grit."

Wayne became typecast as a traditional American folk hero, a conventionally masculine gunslinger who carried himself with confidence. He was usually protective of women and anyone who couldn't look after themselves and was built to survive on the range. He was prepared to get his hands dirty, but he also had a sense of justice and honor. So let's find out just how like this great American figure you really are!

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