What Percentage Gross Are You When No One Is Watching?

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Most of us try to not be gross when we are around other people; some of that is because we are polite and that we were raised right, but a lot of it is simply because we want people to hang around us. Sure, once you have been in a relationship for a long time you might start being totally disgusting around your significant other, that tradition has been around since the beginning of time, but that is basically because the other person is trapped with you at that point. 

But when we are alone it is a whole different ballgame; we walk around in sweatpants or dirty clothes, we don't shower or brush our teeth for long periods of time, we pick our nose, we fart, we burp and we chew with our mouths open. While a lot of us don't do all of that when it comes to the gross scale, it really is hard to know who is who, because of the fact that we don't know what happens when other people are alone. The most attractive and put together person could be the most disgusting person when they are alone. Where are you on the gross scale? Take this quiz to find out.

Do you pick your nose when no one is around?

How likely are you to scratch an itch in a private area when you're alone?

If you're alone, do you wash your hands after using the bathroom?

How often would you take a shower if you were by yourself for an extended period of time?

If you're by yourself, do you flush the toilet after every use?

If no one else was around, how often would you brush your teeth?

How regularly would you pleasure yourself if you were alone for an extended period of time?

How high would the pile of dishes get in the kitchen before you would wash them?

If someone walked into your place after a week of being alone, what would it look like?

Are you preparing your own meals or ordering delivery every night?

Have you ever wiped a booger on a wall, your shirt or a piece of furniture when you were alone?

Do you rest your hand inside your pants when no one is around?

How often are you naked when you're alone?

Do you bother to use deodorant when no one else is around?

Do you eat in bed when you're alone?

How hard do you blow your nose when you're alone?

Would you bother to shave if you were going to be alone for a long period of time?

You're alone for a long time, how long will your toenails get before you clip them?

When you're alone, do you cook meals that everyone else but you finds absolutely disgusting?

Do you enjoy your own farts?

How loudly are you burping when you're alone?

How long do you tend to spend on the toilet?

Do you pee in the shower?

How long will you wear the same shirt when you're alone?

What's your record for longest time between doing laundry?

Do you enjoy popping pimples?

Do you set up everything you would need around you so that you don't have to move for hours?

How much porn do you watch when you're alone?

Have you ever fallen asleep while eating?

When something comes off of your body (fingernail, booger, etc.) how likely are you to study it for a while?

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