What Percentage of Austin Powers are You?

By: Teresa M.
Image: The Movie Db

About This Quiz

You're so groovy, baby! You're so groovy, you are part Austin Powers. You know how to fight evil with style! But what percent Austin Powers are you? A little or way too much?

What is your favorite quote from "Wayne's World?"

Who is your favorite Austin Powers character?

Which Austin Powers word do you use most often?

Which '60s band do you like most?

What do you think is Austin's funniest physical feature?

Would you go on a date with Austin Powers?

Who would you turn into your Mini-Me?

Which Austin Powers actor do you find most talented?

Which Mike Myers film do you like best?

Which SNL character do you like most?

Which Austin Powers film did you like most?

Which British dish would you most like to try?

Which American actress could have played Vanessa Kensington?

If you woke up next to Austin Powers, what would you say?

Which song from the Austin Powers soundtracks do you like most?

Which Austin Powers fashion item would you wear?

Which word would you use to describe Austin Powers?

Which "Austin Powers in Goldmember" character did you like most?

Which actor should be Austin Powers's enemy in Austin Powers 4?

Who should play Austin Powers's love interest in the next film?

Which decade would you like to travel back to for a visit?

Which British city would you most like to visit?

Which Michael York film do you like most?

Do you also like to live dangerously?

What would you do at a party with Austin Powers?

Which Austin Powers phrase do you find most hilarious?

How many times have you seen "Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery?"

Is your flirting style like Austin's?

What do you like most about Dr. Evil?

Would you be a good spy?

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