What Percentage Alexander Hamilton Are You?

Kennita Leon

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About This Quiz

Alexander Hamilton is the star of the hit Broadway show Hamilton and for good reason - we just can't get enough of him. How much like the star are you? Take this quiz to find out.

What's your favorite Broadway musical?

If you were part of the show, who would you want to be?

What would you do if the President of the USA asked to speak with you?

Which female character do you admire the most?

Would you want to be in the spotlight or in the background?

What kind of role would you want to play?

What kind of songs would you sing in a musical?

Which instrument would you play?

How do your friends describe you?

If you were a pet, which of these would you be?

What do you think your strength is?

Which is your biggest weakness?

Which deadly sin would be your middle name?

Which virtue would be your last name?

Which 'P' do you value the most?

Are you a big fan of politics?

Leader or follower?

Do you care about what people think about you?

Which of these are you most loyal to?

But, would you die for that loyalty?

Do you like your job?

Are you a hard worker?

Is work stressful?

Where would you go if you had to get away from the strains of your work?

What is your temper like?

Do you usually follow your head or your heart?

How do you feel about rules?

Which of these do you think you are?

Who would you ask for help if you needed it?

What would you want to be remembered for?

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