What Part of a Hospital Should You Work in?

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You have a caring nature, so why not make it part of your job? If you were to work in a hospital, which division would you work in? Will you be a nurse or a radiologist? Put on your stethoscopes on and find out by taking this quiz!

How much medical training do you have?

How would your friends describe your problem-solving skills?

What gift would you take to a hospital patient?

Which item would you most likely purchase in the hospital gift shop?

What did you want to be when you grew up as a kid?

What color hospital scrubs are you most likely to wear?

What kind of doctor did you last visit?

What would you take to a sick friend?

What area of a hospital do you think is the happiest?

Which hospital employee is the biggest unsung hero?

What body fluid grosses you out the most?

What kind of shoes would you wear to your hospital job?

Do you think the myth about hospital food being horrible is true?

What celebrity would you like to visit you if you were in the hospital?

When was the last time you were in a hospital?

What do you like least about hospitals?

What healthy food would you recommend to your patients?

What kind of stuffed animal would you give as a gift to someone in the hospital?

What kind of flowers would you send to a hospital guest?

What part of the hospital might you volunteer in?

How would you treat the common cold?

How would you cheer up a sick person?

What exercise would best prepare you for work?

What shift would most like to work?

What television show would you catch up on if you were in the hospital?

What is the first question you would ask someone when they woke up from a coma?

What part of a hospital lunch would you like most?

What was your most recent surgery?

What is your hidden talent?

What drink would you have after a long shift at the hospital?

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