What Notting Hill Star Are You?

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Like the characters in "Notting Hill," you believe in love and romance. But do you go for it like Honey or are you reserved like Anna? Find out which "Notting Hill" character you are most like!

Which Hugh Grant film do you like most?

Which London landmark would you most like to see?

What do you like most about Anna's personality?

Which book might you purchase from William's store?

Other than Hugh Grant, which of Julia Roberts's leading men do you like most?

What is the current status of your relationship?

Which character from "Notting Hill" would be the most fun on a road trip?

Which romantic comedy do you think is funniest?

What do you like most about William and Anna's relationship?

Which Julia Roberts film have you seen more than once?

Where would you take Anna Scott on a day out?

What would you serve at a dinner party with William and his friends?

What do you like most about Spike's character?

Which "Notting Hill" actor do you think is the better actor?

Which of Emma Chambers' works do you like most?

What do you think the worst thing about being as famous as Anna would be?

Which London neighborhood would you most like to visit?

What do you think the next step in Anna and William's relationship might be?

How many children do you think Honey and Spike have?

Which Notting Hill quote do you like most?

Which British vacation spot would you visit on your honeymoon?

What do you like most about Hugh Grant?

Which Rhys Ifans movie do you like most?

Can you speak in a British accent?

What did you like most about "Notting Hill?"

How would you handle hearing someone being rude about your sweetheart?

Do you have a love story like Anna and William's?

What do you think is William's biggest flaw?

What do you think Anna and William would name a pet?

Would you like to see a sequel to "Nothing Hill?"

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