What Not to Forget in "An Affair to Remember!"

By: R. White

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A handsome playboy (Cary Grant) and a shy woman (Deborah Kerr) find love on a cruise but are promised to others. They agree to meet at the Empire State Building in six months to seal the deal. Are they meant to be or star-crossed?

What is the opening and closing scene of the movie?

New York is the setting for most of the story. It has a pivotal role in a rendezvous.

A news story is being reported in various cities around the world. What is the story?

Ferrante's fiancee is worth over $600 million and considered industrial nobility. He is somewhat of a player.

One passenger keeps trying to talk with, and introduce his wife to Ferrante. Who is it?

Hathaway is put off many times by Ferrante and later Miss McKay. He is a nuisance to them both.

How do Terry McKay and Nick Ferrante meet on the ship?

McKay found the case and had to be sure it was his before handing it over to him. She looks at the inscription and says it is "frightfully intimate."

Which popular contemporary film used the premise of meeting at the Empire State Building based on this Grant/Kerr movie?

When a boy wants his father to find a new woman in his life after the death of his mother, Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan are set up to meet at the Empire State Building.

Nickie gets a message from an old flame. What is her name?

She is upset with him for telling her he loved her but is now marrying another woman. She gave him the cigarette case.

How long does Terry tell Nickie she has been with her boyfriend?

She points to his picture beside her bed. Nickie is trying to see if she is available and is disappointed she is not.

Ferrante tells McKay about his life and women. What does she comment?

To keep up contact with him, she puts off talking about herself. They carry on with witty repartee.

Where was McKay born?

She tells Ferrante her life story. She was a nightclub singer in Boston where she met her significant other.

What does McKay's boyfriend (Ken) tell her when he meets her?

He also told her she didn't belong in a place like that (nightclub). He financially took care of her while she studied music.

Nickie quips, "I'll just go take my___________ for a walk."

There is snappy repartee between the two new acquaintances, bordering playful, sarcastic, but flirtatious. Terry calls him out on his flaws.

What happens when a photographer snaps a picture of McKay and Ferrante together on the ship?

Ferrante grabs the camera and passes the film to McKay. She is very concerned they will be watched on the trip.

What do McKay and Ferrante both independently order to drink at the ship's bar?

They had been using pink champagne as a metaphor in a conversation earlier. It shows their compatibility.

What does McKay say to Ferrante when they sit back-to-back in separate booths at dinner?

Everyone is watching and laughing at them because everyone knows they are together. They are humiliated, and McKay leaves.

Who sings the opening theme song?

"An Affair to Remember" is a remake of the 1939 film, "Love Affair." Both were nominated for Best Song Oscars; 1940 for "Wishing" and 1958 for "An Affair to Remember."

What color swimsuit does McKay wear at the pool?

Ferrante dives in and is surprised to find McKay already in the pool. A photo of them together in the pool emerges later.

Why is Nickie going ashore at the ship's stop?

McKay is invited along. She thinks he is lying about his reasons for going ashore, so she goes with Ferrante.

What does McKay say when she arrives at Nickie's grandmother's house?

It is in the hills of France, overlooking the water. It has a swanky feel!

When Nickie starts his painting career, how does he sign his name?

He wants to make it on his own with no preconceptions of his identity. He is committed to making a genuine living for Terry's sake.

The grandmother is in the chapel when Ferrante arrives. What kind of dog waits outside for her?

The grandmother is saying her daily prayers. She is a widow and alone.

How many siblings does Terry say she has?

She carries a tray of tea for the grandmother and insists she can handle it since she comes from a family of ten.

How old is Ferrante's grandmother?

Her passing is not a surprise because of her age. She leaves Terry her white shawl.

What does the grandmother tell Terry about Nickie?

The grandmother likes Terry and makes subtle hints to both her and Ferrante they are good for each other.

What does Ferrante bring his grandmother as a gift?

It is a portrait of his grandfather he painted from memory. The grandmother is very touched.

What toast does the grandmother give to Ferrante and McKay?

During the toast, he hears the ship's horn blowing, reminding them they must leave. McKay goes back once more to give the grandmother a hug.

McKay says to Ferrante, "We are heading into a rough sea." What does Ferrante reply?

The metaphor acknowledges their feelings for one another. They will have to break off their engagements.

What does the couple decide to do their last evening on the ship?

The ship's photographer has been selling pictures of them together anyway. No need to hide.

Ferrante's voice cracks when he mentions what?

They make plans to meet in six months at the top of the Empire State Building so they can start their life together. This will give them time to break off their other relationships and Ferrante can start a career as a painter.

What question does Ken ask Terry twice, then realizes she is in love with Ferrante when there is no reply?

They are watching an interview of Ferrante with Lois Clark (his fiancee) . Ferrante says he will be getting married in six months (implying he will marry Terry).

For how much does Ferrante sell his first painting?

He is painting on a billboard when he hears the news of his first sale. This is how he plans to support Terry.

McKay never makes the Empire State Building date on July 1st. Why?

She is on her way, but when she gets out of the cab, there is an accident. Ferrante waits until midnight for her on the 102nd floor.

Where do Ferrante and McKay first see each other since he had been stood up?

They both say "hello" and that is it. Ferrante doesn't know she cannot walk.

What song do the children sing to McKay while she rests in bed?

Terry cannot attend their performance, so the children come to her. Father McGrath gave her a job as a music teacher. Terry once sang this song in the nightclub.

Ferrante finds Terry and gives her his grandmother's white shawl. What does he tell her about the Empire State Building date?

Ferrante makes it obvious he was indeed there and makes her feel guilty for not being there.

How does Ferrante first figure out that Terry had an accident?

There is a moment of realization and Nickie confirms his suspicion when he looks in a room that has his painting hanging on a wall. They embrace!

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