What % Metal Are You?

By Teresa M. on March 26, 2018

About This Quiz

Let your hair down and fling it around during this quiz, and we'll verify what you already knew! You already know that you are some percentage metal, but do you know the exact percentage? Be the hit of your next dive bar battle of the bands and score as high as you can! 

Since the early days of Black Sabbath, metal has grown into its very own monster. With bands like Mastodon carrying on the tradition, a brand new generation of metalheads gets to enjoy more than the music - they get to embrace the lifestyle you love. 

Being metal isn't about having the biggest music collection or frightening your neighbors with the ruckus coming out of your garage, being metal is all about the attitude and the lifestyle! Being metal is all about loving your fellow man even if they do wear socks with sandals because you are confident in yourself and in the things you love - even if they are a little on the dark side from time to time. 

Turn it up to 11 and share your love of music, your love of man, and your love of offbeat, dragon collectibles! We'll tell you how much heavy metal lives within your soul! 

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