What Love Spell Will Enhance Your Relationship?

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Frederich Nietzsche once said, "There is always some madness in love. But there is also some reason in madness." If you can't find the truth in this statement, you probably are too madly in love to even begin to be able to discern your own madness. Don't fear, though; love tends to alter people profoundly, almost magically. That's part of the fun of it! 

Such a magical occurrence, then, naturally calls for a little dose of magic. After all, even the most seemingly perfect relationships could benefit from a healthy dose of witchcraft. Whether you need to improve communication or revive some buried passion, the precise invocation can conjure up the harmony you seek in life and love. 

Before you gather your potions and set up your altar, you need to know what type of powers to summon. When you answer the following questions, you'll be ready to harness the world's natural energy to your romantic benefit. Sure, you might not know what your love life lacks right now, but after you chant your conjuration, you'll find out just what both of you have been missing. 

Now, grab a pen and paper and crack open your spellbook. The following quiz will finally unveil which incantation will enchant you and your loved one, night after night. 

When you choose to invoke your love spell can dramatically alter the outcome. What time of day would you like to enact yours?

Which sacred object would you like to use to help aid your spell?

To invoke the right spell, you must first tell the truth. Have you ever snooped through their stuff?

OK, let's say that your loved one will be out of town for a week. What's your communication like during that time?

All right, time to dish. Who prepares dinner when you stay in together?

Let's face it; there's probably a lot of things that you adore about your loved one. Still, which one of your partner's features makes you melt?

Which one of these images conjures up thoughts of romance to you?

Everyone gets annoyed by their significant other sometimes. Which one of these things is your partner most likely to do, thereby unintentionally irritating you?

Let's say that it's a Friday night, and you two want to do something together. Who takes initiative?

What could your relationship use a little more of right now?

If you had to choose a cheesy love pun, which one would you pick?

Your loved one's birthday is rapidly approaching. Do you know what to get them?

Try as we might, putting love into words can be tricky. Still, which of these love quotes speaks to your heart?

Let's say that you're going through an extremely emotional time. Which of these ways is your partner most likely to react?

Studies show that people aren't the best listeners by nature — in fact, some science suggests most people listen with only about 25% efficiency. Yikes. So, be honest, how well do you listen to your significant other?

Do you feel like your loved one gives you their full attention when you're talking?

Let's pretend it's a Saturday morning, and you and your loved one can finally relax. How will you spend your early hours?

Movie night! Whether you're at the theatre or scrolling through Netflix, how does picking a movie go?

Which of these emojis best describes any potential relationship woes you have at the moment?

They say a picture says 1,000 words. So, which of these emojis best conveys the beauty of your relationship in its brightest moments?

Everyone has at least one secret — even if they tell a select few about it. Do you feel comfortable spilling all to your significant other?

Do you and your loved one use pet names for one another?

Even famous comedians' jokes fall short sometimes. Still, a lot comes down to having the right audience. How often does your loved one laugh at your jokes (or attempts at jokes)?

It might be important to live in the here and now, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't discuss the future. How do your conversations with your loved one about this topic go?

Do you feel like your significant other opens up to you?

Spending time with a partner's family isn't always ideal. Still, it's often a major part of a serious relationship. Have you taken that step?

Be honest. Have you ever lied to them?

OK, your significant other isn't going to break up with you ... Don't worry. But if they did, how would they do it?

Everyone feels at least a twinge of jealousy sometimes. How often do you feel a little green-with-envy in love?

Everyone knows by now that social media isn't a realistic depiction of day-to-day life. Still, what's your online relationship look like?

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