What Las Vegas Casino Are You?

By: Teresa M.
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

In 1905, 110 acres of prime Nevada land went up for auction. Those 110 acres would eventually become the Las Vegas Strip. The City of Lights now holds over 75 casinos! If you were once of the magnificently lit establishments, which casino would you be? Find out!

Who will travel to Las Vegas with you?

What card game will you play most often?

What entertainer would you like to see in Las Vegas?

What non-casino activity would you like to do while you are in Las Vegas?

What kind of slot machine do you prefer?

What cocktail will you order from the casino bar?

What item will you have room service bring to your suite?

If you were a show girl, what color head dress would you wear?

What classic Las Vegas performer would you like to see?

What show would you like to catch in Las Vegas?

What casino job title would you hold?

What item will you forget to pack in your suitcase?

What time of year will you visit the City of Lights?

How will you travel to Las Vegas?

What Las Vegas landmark will you visit?

What will you do with the kids while you are in Vegas?

What buffet item will you eat most for breakfast?

Describe your gambling ability:

What airline would you consider taking to Vegas?

How will you travel while you are in Las Vegas?

What Las Vegas style wedding would you consider?

How many days will you stay in Vegas?

What is your favorite thing about Las Vegas?

What Vegas souvenir will you take home?

What will you do in Vegas that will stay in Vegas?

Why are you going to visit Las Vegas?

What is your favorite feature of your Las Vegas suite?

When do you plan to return to Vegas?

What dinner item will you choose from the buffet?

Who will you purchase a second Las Vegas souvenir?

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