What Kind of Wine Should You Buy Your Valentine?

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You want to get your Valentine a special bottle of wine this year, but do you know their favorite kind? Do they prefer white, red, or rose? Find out which kind your should buy!

How much of a wine snob is your Valentine?

What sort of liquor might your Valentine drink?

What wine country tour would you Valentine like to take?

What would you Valentine like to have for dinner?

What kind of wine does your Valentine drink most often?

If you did not have a corkscrew, how would you open your wine?

What do you do with leftover wine bottles?

Which fruit does your Valentine like most?

What will you and your Valentine do on Valentine's Day?

Other than wine, what gift might you give your Valentine?

How long have you been with your Valentine?

Which romantic comedy might you watch on Valentine's day?

How romantic would you Valentine say you are?

What is your current relationship status?

Which of your Valentine's traits do you admire most?

What do you and your sweetheart do for fun?

What is your favorite thing about Valentine's Day?

What is your least favorite thing about Valentine's Day?

What sort of flowers might you give your Valentine?

Which gift would you like to receive from your Valentine?

What TV couple do you find most romantic?

What homemade gift would you Valentine most like?

How did you meet your Valentine?

Which wedding theme would your Valentine most like?

Which saying on Valentine's conversation hearts will you give your Valentine?

Which thing would you most wish for you Valentine in the next year?

Other than your Valentine, will you buy a gift for anyone else?

What type of wine does your Valentine like the least?

How would you describe your Valentine's sweet tooth?

Other than drunkenness, what do you like most about wine?

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