What Kind of Wedding Gown Should You Wear?

By: Kennita Leon
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One of the biggest things a bride looks forward to doing on her wedding day is putting on that beautiful dress of hers. And she's not the only one: the groom and the guests also wait in anticipation to lay their eyes on the bride and her dress. So understandably, it can be a very difficult decision to make. We're here to help you out a bit by helping you choose which style gown you should wear.

Which words best describe your personality?

What’s your favorite thing to do in your spare time?

Which celebrity’s style best matches your own?

Which of these words would describe your style?

Which type of material would you wear every day if you could?

What are your thoughts on kissing on the first date?

When you think of your fiance, what do you think?

Which season are you getting married in?

What does your wedding mean/signify to you?

Which word best describes your engagement ring?

How will guests describe your wedding?

What color will definitely be in your bouquet?

What would your signature cocktail be?

What kind of cake will you have?

Which of these words will describe your bachelorette party?

Where are you most likely to have your wedding?

How would you wear your hair on the day of your nuptials?

What kind of makeup are you going wear on your big day?

What will your wedding dress emphasize?

Which of these things would you not want your dress to be?

Which of these items will definitely be in your wedding?

What’s the special thing that you’re going to personally make for your special day?

Which dessert must you have at your wedding reception?

Which Disney princess do you identify with the most?

Which of these songs is most likely to be the song you do your first dance to?

What kind of music will you play at the reception?

What kind of gifts do you want your guests to give you?

How will your wedding guests send you off?

Which region are you going to go to for your honeymoon?

What are you wearing on your wedding night?

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