What kind of sports fan are you?

By: Brian Whitney
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Pretty much every person in our society is either totally into sports or knows someone who lives or dies by their team. And yet, others have absolutely no interest in sportsball. Take this quiz to find out where you stack up.

How many members of your local pro baseball team do you know?

If your team is having a bad year, how do you feel?

If you live in Boston, how would you describe Tom Brady?

If you don't live in Boston, how would you describe Tom Brady?

When you were a kid, how into sports were you?

If you go to a football game, what do you wear?

Ever cry when your team loses?

When you watch a game, do you yell at the TV?

You just moved to a new city - do you start to root for the team where you now live?

Do you love your team the same, whether they are good or bad?

How many basketball players can you name that played before you were born?

Do you ever go to a bar to watch your team on TV?

Do you ever have people over to watch a game?

When do you start watching your team play?

Do you ever get mad at another team's fans?

What do you need, in order to watch a game?

Do you sometimes feel you know better than the coach?

Do you ever space out when watching a game?

If your romantic partner is really into sports, how do you feel?

If you are a Red Sox fan, would you go out with a Yankee fan?

You are watching your team play for the NCAA basketball championship game and the score is tied with 10 seconds left. How do you feel?

Do you tend to drink a lot when watching a game?

Do the refs cost your team the game all the time?

Would you trade something important in your life for your team winning a championship?

What did you think of your football team in high school?

What would you most want to do?

The World Series game is sold out. How much would you pay a scalper for a ticket?

Who is better: Michael Jordan or Lebron James?

Your ten-year-old kid wants to play football. What do you think?

Cheerleaders are... what?

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