What Kind of Pro Athlete Could You Be?

By Brian Whitney on March 12, 2018

About This Quiz

Being a professional athlete is something that many people strive to do, but very few can actually achieve. Who knows, maybe you have even thought about being a pro athlete before and it didn't work out.

This would be a drag - thinking that you were destined to be a pro athlete and then ending up working the night shift at the 7-11, but maybe it is just that you didn't pick the right sport. I mean, obviously you are athletic enough, right? Perhaps if you just found the right sport, you would be on your way to fame, not to mention riches.

But which one? Football is one of the most varied sports out there. You can be big and tough, or you can be not so big and agile. Either way, you have a chance at fame, as long as you don't mind getting beaten up here and there. 

If baseball is your scene, then you need a whole lot of coordination, and the need to look good in a baseball hat. If you are tall and ridiculously athletic, then maybe basketball is your scene, and if you have a lot of coordination and don't mind getting in a fight, then perhaps you should check out hockey.

Take this quiz to find out.

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