What Kind of Gingerbread House Should You Build?

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During 16th century Germany, the popular tale, 'Hansel and Gretel' inspired folks to start making gingerbread houses. In the fairytale, the children encounter a house that could be eaten. Since then, building gingerbread houses has become a worldwide, holiday time tradition. Which kind of gingerbread house should you build this year?

How many gingerbread house building contests have you entered?

How would you describe your gingerbread house construction skills?

What candy will you use to decorate your gingerbread house?

What is your favorite Christmas song?

What gift card would you most like to receive as a gift?

What is your favorite part of winter?

What Christmas film do you like most?

Where would you build your dream home?

What is your favorite holiday food?

What stocking stuffer are you most likely to purchase?

Which ghost of Christmas do you fear most?

What ugly sweater will you wear this year?

When will you do most of your holiday shopping?

How would your friends describe your holiday spirit?

Which of Santa's reindeer do you like most?

What kind of cookies will you leave for Santa?

What do you think Mrs. Claus' favorite part of Christmas is every year?

Who will cook the most in your household this year?

What bird other than turkey would you like to serve for Christmas dinner?

What will you do after Christmas dinner?

What will you leave out for Santa's reindeer on Christmas Eve?

What hot drink will you have around the fire?

What sort of Christmas pajamas will you wear?

What was your favorite childhood gift?

What would Elf name would you like to adopt?

What color lights will you put on your Christmas tree?

What is the largest gift you will purchase this year?

What will you roast over an open fire?

What holiday disaster to you fear most?

What is your wish for the world this year?

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