What Kind of Ex-Girlfriend Are You?

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We all have exes, well most of us do anyway. But what type of ex are you? Some of us miss our exes, some of us are still friends with them, and others of wish they got hit by a bus. So take this quiz and find out what kind of ex-girlfriend you are.

Your ex calls you up because he needs a favor, what do you do?

You see your ex at a party, what do you do?

Who do you compare your ex to?

You meet a new guy that you are attracted to, what do you do?

Do you still have pictures of him?

Your ex is getting married. How do you feel?

He calls out of nowhere and asks if you still have an old jacket of his. What do you do?

What do you normally do after a break up?

How did you feel the day after you broke up?

What do you usually say when you tell people about your ex?

Are you friends on Facebook?

You bump into him with another girl, what do you do?

When you broke up, you said you would always be friends. Are you?

How many people have you been with since the breakup?

Have you hooked up with any of his friends since the breakup?

You heard that your ex was saying bad things about you. What do you do?

Do you still talk to his family?

A friend asks if it is okay to go out with your ex. What do you do?

When you are with someone new in bed, do you compare him to your ex.

How much time do you spend stalking his social media?

How much time do you spend talking to him with friends?

Does he ever call you just to talk?

Do you think he ever cheated on you when you were together?

What would you do if he asked you back out?

How long did it take you to get over him?

If he wanted you back would you change?

Have you written him a long letter or email since the breakup about how much you miss him>

Have you gone to bed with your ex since the breakup?

What would you do if he called out of the blue and asked you to marry him?

How stable were your past relationships?

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