What Kind of Exotic Bird Are You?

By Steven Miller on March 11, 2018

About This Quiz

Birds are just the coolest. They are some of the most amazing beings this world has to offer. Not only can they fly, which is amazing in itself, but they also have the most beautiful songs. Birds are also almost all gorgeous, in their own way. While every bird is cool, no matter what the climate, and how common they are, there is nothing more incredible or impressive than an exotic bird. But what kind of exotic bird would you be? Would you be the beautiful Rainbow Lorikeet?  The magnificent Chinese Pheasant? Or perhaps you would be the Bal Bird of Paradise or maybe the Atlantic Puffin?

All of these exotic birds have their own look, their own vibe, their own personality and their own habitat. You know who else has all of those things? You do. It might be interesting to find out which one of these birds would be most like you, and which one you would most like to be. But don't just try to get the one that flies the best, or doesn't mate for life; that is just cheating. 

Take this quiz to find out which exotic bird you are. And don't worry, the pigeon isn't on the list. 

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