What Kind of Ancient Female Warrior Are You?

Zoe Samuel

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They say history is written by the winners, but that's not entirely true - or at least, it is not the whole truth. History is written by the literate, and even the literate tend to focus on telling the stories of people who look and sound like them. Given that literacy was a privileged reserved primarily to men generally and men of means in particular, this means that most of history has shamefully ignored most of the deeds of women. From entrepreneurs to inventors to adventurers to leaders, women's agency has been diminished and erased at every turn.

This means that where women were able to break through cultural, social and financial taboos against participating in public life, we often don't hear about it - and in no field of human endeavor is this more clear than war. Female soldiers have been considered such an aberration that some nations still insist on banning women from the military, or at least from specific combat roles. However, there have always been women who fight. Simply staying alive sometimes required it. In other cases, women disguised themselves or leveraged privilege, smarts or sheer determination to break through a glass ceiling and serve - and they've been doing it since antiquity. What sort of warrior from those times would you be?

Do you prefer working with other women, or with men?

What's your preferred weapon?

Do you need to get credit for what you do?

Is being a warrior a paid gig for you?

Does your family know what you do?

Do you have leadership potential?

Do you know how to take an order?

Can you show initiative when you have to?

Were you born in a culture that approved of you being a warrior?

How much armor do you like to wear?

What climate do you like to fight in?

What is your body type?

What language do you speak?

Where would you like to do your fighting?

What kind of fight is the best fight?

What would your job be if you were not a warrior?

What gun would you use if you were a modern warrior?

What branch of today's military would you fit into best?

Who would you fight for?

Would you prefer to fight by day or night?

Do you see the wider strategy?

At what age do you think you will retire from fighting?

Do you study military history?

What higher belief do you fight for?

Do you like being the first woman to do a thing?

How important is your legacy?

What animal do you like to use in your fighting?

Would you rather fight in the city or countryside?

How patient are you?

What stereotype about you annoys you?

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