What is Your Summer Love Style?

Brian Whitney

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Although it does not seem like it, summer is just around the corner, and what would summer be like without a summer romance? In what way will you approach it?

How do you tend to meet people in the summer?

What would you want most in a summer lover?

How many people have you been in love with over your life?

Have you had a breakup recently?

When you date someone, how often do you contact each other?

In the last two years, how many relationships have you had?

What would you do if someone approached you at the beach?

Would you ever approach someone else at the beach?

How ready are you for love this summer?

What do you do on a typical Friday night in the summer?

What would you do if went out with twice said they loved you?

Are you still hung up on your ex?

A cute guy asks you out, what do you say?

Do you consider hooking up with someone a game?

Are a jealous person?

How would you react if your summer fling had a bad day and wanted to talk?

Would you lie to get someone in bed?

How important is physical attraction to you?

How quickly would you go to bed with someone if you are attracted to them?

Your summer lover wants you to meet their parents, what do you do?

How do you usually feel around your summer lovers?

Which dog do you most identify with?

Can you have chemistry with someone and still not love them?

How soon after you start dating someone do you think of them as marriage material?

If you don't feel like you are falling for someone right away, do you keep dating them?

When you fall for someone, do you want to be with them all the time?

If you were to go on a beach vacation, which beach would you choose?

Do you do any activities at the beach?

What is your typical beach attire?

What do you drink after a day at the beach?

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