What is Your Medieval Profession?

By: Jody Mabry
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The Middle Ages. It was a good life if you were a king, a knight or a lord. However, when everyday life was ruled by the feudal system it wasn’t as much fun being a peasant, shopkeeper, stable boy or pig farmer. So, what profession would be yours during the Middle Ages? Take the quiz and find out. 

As a lord or noble, you would be expected to attend to matters related to your land, from hearing reports about harvest and supplies to reports about taxes and dues. Plus, the lord would also be expected to exercise his judicial powers over his vassals and peasants. As a peasant, you might work in the field from sun up to sundown with only a bowl of pottage and a crust of bread keeping your hunger at bay. It was worse if you were a woman, as you could not eat until your husband and children ate first. Still can’t picture yourself in medieval times? This quiz will help by asking insightful questions about your opinions, traits, characteristics and more. Then match your answers to professions that fit who you see yourself as in the Middle Ages. Don’t wait! Take the trivia quiz now by clicking the button below.

Have you ever wanted to live in the medieval ages?

What would be your criteria for choosing your child's future spouse?

How many people usually join you for dinner?

Where would you spend a luxury vacation?

What size bed do you sleep on?

What is your favorite animal?

What is your favorite knightly sport?

Who picks out your clothes for the day?

What is your favorite medieval movie?

What is your favorite time in history?

Who is your favorite Knight of the Round Table?

What is your favorite medieval legend?

Who is your favorite Robin Hood character?

What is your favorite Robin Hood movie?

What is your favorite medieval weapon?

What Medieval food would you want to try?

What do you sleep on?

How old will you live?

How do you think you would die in the Middle Ages?

How would you rule a kingdom?

What doctor was most effective in the Middle Ages?

How many horses do you have?

What is your medieval name?

What would your medieval leisurely activity be?

How would you kill someone in the Middle Ages and get away with it?

How many sons do you have?

What is your favorite holiday?

What is your best skill?

Where are you in your company's hierarchy?

What is your true calling in life?

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