What Is Your Elvish Name?

By: Mark Lichtenstein

About This Quiz

Many an American can trace their family back to a time when they modified their surnames upon entrance to the United States, either by force or by choice. This leaves many of us wondering what our ancestors' real names were. The important question is, what is your Elvish name?

What is your gender identity?

How traditionally feminine or masculine are you?

How much do you blend in?

How aggressive are you?

How posh are you?

Are you authoritative?

If a party has formed and they want to go on a quest, do you volunteer?

If you're on a quest with a party, what do you do for the party?

Do you mix well with non-Elves?

Are you special?

Are you ambitious?

Do you like to travel?

Do you make friends easily?

Do you adapt well to changing circumstances?

Are your abilities fairly specialized?

Which weapon would you carry into battle?

Would you be caught dead in the woods?

Are you maybe a bit of a snob?

Would you know how to forge a sword?

Do you have any respect for the crafts of other races?

What are your views on Halflings?

What are your views on Humans?

What are your views on Dwarves?

What are your views on Orcs?

Are the problems of the human race your problems?

Are the problems of Middle Earth your problems?

Do you have any feelings about the gods?

What would be your preferred mode of travel?

If you were confronted with an insurmountable problem, what would you do?

Would you ever consider giving your child a Dwarven name?

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