What Is My Inner Mythical Creature?

By: Diana Spasic
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About This Quiz

Ever wondered which mythical creature lives inside you and defines your path through life? While it might be hard for you to imagine a seductive nymph being a part of you, for example, you can bet other people can see her or feel her presence. Are you elegant and mesmerizing, just like your inner vampire, or are you serene and positive like your inner unicorn? Are you able to rise above life's difficulties and come out even stronger than you were before them? If so, then you must hide a gorgeous unicorn inside you. 

With this quiz, we'll enter the hidden tunnels of your soul in search of the magical creature that defines who you are. We're going to search for the healing horn of a unicorn and the dark cape of the vampire. 

While some mythical creatures always keep the same form, others can transform into various animals or even people. They affect the way we function and the way our personalities shine through. 

How versatile is your inner creature? Are you a dark, cold vampire, or are you a loving, romantic mermaid? Are you in touch with your hidden mythical creature? Let's search for it and find out!  

Which sense do you most often rely on?

To which of the four elements do you feel the strongest connection?

If you could choose one superpower, which one would it be?

Are you aware of the devil and angel on your shoulders, and if so, which one do you listen to most of the time?

Do you feel you are confident enough in any given situation?

If you could go back in time and live in any era known to humanity, which era would it be?

Which of the following traits dominates your personality?

Would you say you have dated a lot of people?

How easy is it for you to heal after a devastating heartbreak?

When it comes to relationships, are you the one who breaks them up, or are you the one who gets dumped?

How do you generally see other people?

Are you one of the more dominant members of your family?

After a terrible, stressful day, what do you do to relax and ease your mind?

Which of the following fantasy locations would you like to live in?

What is your definition of a hero?

Out of these locations, which one appeals to you the most?

If you could pick a favorite time of the day, what would it be?

When you have to make an important decision, how do you make it?

When you were a kid, what did you most often get in trouble for?

If you could choose a metal for building your perfect magical weapon, which one would you choose?

Out of the following options, which one do you find most adorable?

How many close friends do you have?

Which meal do you enjoy the most?

If you could pick your own Patronus animal, which one would it be?

Which part of the world would you love to call home?

If you were given the chance to be royalty, what would you like to be called?

Do you consider yourself to be spontaneous?

You found a message in the bottle, but there's a sign on the bottle that says not to open it until a specific date that's ten years away. What do you do?

Which of the following would you most enjoy having?

During which season do you feel the happiest?

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