What High School Stereotype Were You Based on This Personality Assessment?

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Ah, high school. A time during which kids are becoming adults and people are coming into their own and really finding out who they are. But not everyone has a great high school experience, and movies and pop culture like to put everything into boxes. Movies like "Mean Girls" and other teen comedies separate students based on their interests and act like people with varying interests can't possibly be friends. They couldn't be more wrong. That's not to say that it doesn't happen, but in real life, friend groups are made up of all kinds of kids with all kinds of hobbies. 

Stereotypes are quite frowned upon these days, but sometimes you just can't help feeling like a stereotype. And honestly, you can own your stereotype, too. Do you love cheerleading and being peppy? Great! Rather be in the library? That's cool too! Just because you are put into a certain stereotype doesn't mean that's how you always have to live your life or have to limit yourself to that for the rest of your life. Either way you look at it, everyone knows that high school stereotypes are very real, even if not as limiting as movies would like you to believe. 

So, of which high school stereotype would you have been a part? Take this quiz to find out!

When you were doing homework, did you set a schedule and stick to it?

Did you often have mood swings during stressful times at school?

Before sitting down to get work done, how much prep time do you need?

How often did you miss school?

When finishing an assignment, do you take a second look or just call it done?

Are you good at making tough decisions?

Rules are a big part of high school. Were you a rule-follower or breaker?

During school, expressing feelings isn't necessarily encouraged. How are you with that now?

Not finishing a task in high school isn't really an option. How did you handle that?

Do you feel like you live a care-free life?

Did you often think bigger than the walls of your high school?

Are you a detail-oriented person?

Did high school teach you anything about life?

Do you approach situations calmly and rationally?

Was high school a big cause of worry for you?

Was your sense of imagination nurtured or squashed in school?

Was it easy for you to make friends?

How often could you be found at a party on the weekends during high school?

In high school, you have to interact with all kinds of people. How has that helped you in life beyond school?

Was your bedroom messy or clean during your high school years?

Are you an early riser?

When you were tasked with an assignment that you thought was impossible, what would you do?

Did high school teach you to adapt to various situations?

Do you prefer to work alone or with a team?

If you were coming up on a deadline and weren't quite finished, how would you handle that?

Not everyone gets positive feedback during high school. Was there a time a teacher wasn't happy with you?

What types of things did you enjoy doing outside of school?

How did high school impact your career path?

What was the most useful piece of advice you were given?

Can you name one word that described you during high school, and one that describes you now?

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