What Halloween treat are you?

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Halloween isn't just a time to be scared. It's also a time for you to pig out on all those great once-a-year treats you've been craving. The question is: how much of a good thing is too much? If you've ever wondered what kind of Halloween candy you would be, then take this quiz.

When do you go trick or treating?

How would you describe your personality?

How would others describe your personality?

What bag do you use when trick or treating?

How old should you be when you stop trick or treating?

What should always be on a Halloween treat?

What is your favorite thing about Halloween?

A Halloween treat should be...

What are your favorite treat games?

What is your favorite Halloween food and beverage?

What is one creature candy should always be shaped as?

What is one overrated Halloween treat?

What does your favorite Halloween treat do?

Do you steal candy from your kids?

How much candy do you or your kids bring home each Halloween?

What neighborhood do you trick or treat?

What is the worst Halloween treat?

What ingredient is used in the most homemade Halloween treats?

How do you eat Halloween treats?

At what age do you think kids catch on to Halloween?

What is your favorite Halloween costume?

What are your plans like on Halloween?

What is your favorite kind of scary movie?

What does the day after Halloween feel like?

Do you make anything for Halloween?

What form should your Halloween treats come in?

If you have Halloween treats left over, you...

Who do you most enjoy celebrating Halloween with?

Where would you like to visit for Halloween?

What is your fondest memory of Halloween?

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