What Grey's Anatomy Job Would You Have?

By: Kennita Leon
Image: ABC Network

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Thank God for Shona Rhimes, the woman responsible for Grey's Anatomy. And although she didn't create the jobs that we're here to talk about, she sure did make a great drama out of them. So, yes, back to those Greys Anatomy jobs. If you want to work at or near the Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, you need to have your wits about you. If watching the show has taught you anything, you'd know that this place hardly ever slows down. But what would you do over there? 

Would you have the most coveted job in the building; a surgeon? Would you be walking around with your head high because you were a medical rock star? Would you be a first responder? Would it be your job to bring those who have been horribly injured to the surgeons we just spoke about? Would you be a radiologist? Would the surgeons rush to you to find out more about their patients? Or would you just be starting out in your career and be at the lowest level, an intern? 

If you're curious to find out what you'd be in Meredith's world, this quiz will tell you. So, let's get started, the hospital awaits! 

Could you work in a hospital?

Which department would you want to work in?

What kind of surgery would you love to try?

What would your favorite medical instrument be?

Are you afraid of blood?

How good are you with dealing with guts and gory stuff?

How would you deal with a difficult patient?

Where in the hospital would you catch a power nap?

How many hours would you work every week?

Which job would you want to have?

How many seasons of "Grey's Anatomy" have you seen?

Which surgeon is your favorite?

Which surgeon can you not stand?

Who was the best intern ever?

Which head of department would you want to be?

Who works in the most fulfilling department of the hospital?

Which crazy Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital tragedy shocked you the most?

Whose death made you the saddest?

Which Grey's hookup was the steamiest?

Which Grey's couple are/were you rooting for?

What's your current relationship status?

What are most of your relationships like?

What's your normal Friday night like?

What do your friends think about you?

Would you say that you're superficial?

What's your favorite body part?

How well can you deal with pressure?

Which of these would you do in your spare time?

Which other medical show would you watch?

And which one of Shonda's creations, besides Grey's Anatomy, of course, do you love?

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