What Gemstone Represents You and Your Significant Other?

By: Teresa McGlothlin
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About This Quiz

You and your significant other are more precious than gold! The unique combination that the two of you create makes a magical potion that can form gemstones! Maybe that's a little bit of a stretch, but we're certain that there's a gemstone that represents you. After you take this quiz, you'll know which one and why!

Formed under the pressure of the earth, gemstones are some of the most beautiful creations man has ever found. They have long been used to adorn royalty and to express wealth, love, and wisdom. Once we learn the intimate details of your lives together, we'll know which one of the earth's beauties perfectly sums up your relationship. 

From the wisdom of the sapphire to the mystery of the opal, every gemstone has a set of associated traits. Through our questions, we'll try to become the third wheel in your relationship so that we can figure out the qualities you share with a precious jewel. Not all couples can be diamonds, but every couple shines with love. 

Which one of you does more of the housework, and which one of you might cry over a sad film? Answer with honesty, and your representative gemstone will be revealed. Which one will it be? 

Which one of you is the better cook?

How would you describe your intimate life?

Do you steal the blankets?

What do you like most about your significant other?

Who does most of the laundry?

Which one of you is more romantic?

Where would you go on a date?

Have you walked down the aisle?

Is your partner more emotional than you?

Do you fight over the bathroom?

Which term of endearment to you call your love?

How would your partner describe your job?

Was it love at first sight?

Which sort of vacation would you both enjoy?

How do you settle arguments?

How long have you been together?

What kind of kisser is your significant other?

Do you compete with each other?

What does your partner respect most about you?

Who is the better driver?

Are you an affectionate couple?

Do either of your snore?

Which one of you is messier?

What would your partner serve you for breakfast in bed?

Would you make good parents?

How did you meet?

How would you help your partner relax?

Where do you see yourselves in 10 years?

Do you keep secrets from each other?

Who wears the pants in your relationship?

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