What Famous TV Couple Are You?

Teresa M.

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You are your partner are quite the entertaining duo! Everywhere you go people tell you that you remind them of a couple, but they cannot remember which couple. You are certain they are speaking of a T.V. couple, but which one? Find out which TV couple the two of you are!

What sit-com do you like most?

What is your favorite couple thing to do?

Where would you like to take your significant other for a weekend getaway?

What job would your partner be best suited to have?

Where would you take your partner out to eat?

What is your partner's worst habit?

What wedding theme do you like most?

What drink do you and your partner like most?

What meal would you make for your partner?

Where would you like to propose to your partner?

What is your favorite holiday?

How long have you been a couple?

What do your friends think of your relationship?

What movie is closest to your relationship story?

Where would you like to build your family home?

What activity would you partner enjoy the most?

What vegetable does your partner like the least?

When does your partner work most?

Who did you receive the last text from?

What is your partner's best quality?

What nickname are you most likely to call one another?

What animal would you adopt together?

How many children would you like to have?

What gift would you purchase for your sweetheart?

What is your favorite girl's name?

What is your favorite boy's name?

What would the two of you name a new pet?

What kind of music do you both enjoy?

What flowers would you give to your better half?

What kind of television do the two of you enjoy together?

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