What % Emotional and What % Logical Are You?

By Teresa M. on April 25, 2018

About This Quiz

While there might be a select few of you out there that listen to both their logical side and their emotional side equally, it's a very rare case! During this quiz, we will examine the ins and out of your lifestyle and your personality for clues about the mechanisms you use to make everyday decisions. Once we know enough about you, we'll be able to give an exact percentage, so you know where you stand! 

When it comes to spending, do you allow yourself to splurge or do you make yourself save up for a better time? The way you make choices usually comes from your heart or your head, but exactly how much weight does each side pull? Let's take a look at how you live your every day, and we'll analyze your choices for either logical or emotional traits. As soon as we figure you out, we'll make sure you know.

You might think you are more logical or emotional, but is that feeling really a matter of pride? Share the way you think with us, and we'll assign a percentage to them. Let's find out if you are prone to crying or prone to thinking it out!

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