What does your dominant personality trait say about you?

By Brian Whitney on April 23, 2018

About This Quiz

Personalities are a very complex thing. Every one of us is the sum of many parts. You might be the kind of person who is very serious most of the time, but with people that are close friends or family you show off your funny side, or you might be looked up to by all your friends as someone that is strong and courageous, but deep inside you might often fight insecurity. None of us is just one thing.

But with that said, we all have one piece of our personalities that is dominant above all the other aspects. It might be something that you're proud of and that you nurture, or it might be something that isn't the most positive trait that you could have, that you need to keep in check. You very well might know what your dominant personality trait is, or it might be a complete mystery to you. Either way, this quiz could be helpful. 

What if you think that you're totally laid back and chill, but everyone around you thinks you're pretty uptight? Not being self-aware isn't a very good look for any of us, so take this quiz to find out what your dominant personality trait is, and what it says about you.

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