What Does Your Taste in Sushi Say About Your Taste in Men?

By Teresa M. on March 11, 2018

About This Quiz

SPICY WITH A SIDE OF WASABI! Sushi is an extremely popular dish that many people seem to love. With all the different varieties that sushi has to offer, it's no wonder it can play a role in your relationships. What does your favorite say about your taste in men?

Sushi is a classic Asian dish that follows the basics of white rice, dried seaweed, cucumber, and sometimes avocado. While this is usually the foundation, sushi becomes a lot more interesting when you start adding other ingredients! 

Are you a fan of the safe, classic rolls? The California roll is usually a safe option with imitation crab meat as the star. You could also go for the safe route of fried shrimp with tempura. Instead of these two rolls, are your sushi tastes a bit more adventurous? Do you step extremely out of the box with a Philly roll? This sushi roll has the unexpected combination of cream cheese and salmon. Even further, are you sampling eel in the popular dragon roll? 

What are your tastes in sushi and what does it say about your taste in men? Do you like your men to be adventurous like a Philly roll or maybe you want them to be spicy and passionate like a spicy tuna roll!

There's only one way to find out. 

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