What Does Your Taste In McDonald's Say About You?

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What does your taste in McDonald's say about you? Do you think that you're a funny, intelligent, kind or creative person? Depending on how you answer the questions in this quiz, we're going to determine what kind of personality you really have! And even if you don't eat McDonald's often, don't worry, you're still eligible to take this quiz! There are only two rules to follow: Be as honest as possible, and go crazy with ordering a bunch of food from McDonald's!

McDonald's is one of the biggest fast food chains in the world and offers a wide variety of menu items for everyone. Some people stick to traditional favorites like a hamburger or a cheeseburger, while others like to indulge in the Big Mac® or an artisan chicken sandwich. But one of the biggest menu items for which McDonald's is known is their French fries, which is a staple in almost every type of combo meal. McDonald's has a dollar menu as well, especially for those who are on a budget. From sandwiches and salads, to desserts and beverages, McDonald's has something tasty for everyone to try! Let's see what you like to try at McDonald's with this fun quiz!

Do you eat at McDonald's during breakfast, lunch, or dinner hours?

How many times per week do you eat at McDonald's?

Do you want a side of French fries with your meal?

Choose your favorite McDonald's breakfast item!

How much granola do you want on the fruit n' yogurt parfait?

What's your favorite McDonald's burger?

What kind of condiments do you want on your burger?

Is McDonald's really a place to get a salad?

What kind of drink are you going to pair with your meal?

How do you typically order McDonald's?

You have a coupon for a free coffee drink at McDonald's. What are you ordering?

How do you feel about the McRib®?

You can't leave McDonald's without indulging in which of these desserts?

Which of these McDonald's sundae flavors is your favorite?

How many Chicken McNuggets® can you eat in one sitting?

You can only choose one: Buttermilk Crispy Tenders or Chicken McNuggets®. Which to you choose?

Do you have a favorite chicken sandwich at McDonald's?

Is the Filet-O-Fish® a staple in your diet?

Is McDonald's your favorite fast food place?

What's the best part of a Happy Meal®?

What's the best kind of sauce in which to dip fries?

Are you a fan of any spicy McDonald's food items?

Do you tend to order a combo meal or a la carte items?

You're in the mood for a McDonald's shake today. What flavor are you choosing?

What's the best side item that McDonald's offers?

Which of these discontinued McDonald's menu items would you want to try?

Do you always order from the dollar menu at McDonald's?

Choose one of these international McDonald's items on which to snack.

Which of these McDonald's salads sounds super tasty to you?

How often do you try new things at McDonald's?

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